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About Us

ItemALARM is a FREE specialized eBay search engine that automates your ebay searches, finding the items you want on eBay and sending you email alerts as the items you want are listed on eBay. Don’t miss another eBay item! Use the automatic eBay search tool with notifications by email! It works while you work, play, or sleep! Be the first to see those special auction item listings! Beat those other buyers to the punch! itemAlarm searches eBay for new listings that match your search criteria and sends you an email alert! Alerts are sent to your email or cell phone. Receive new item listing notifications via e-mail based on your search criteria. You determine the frequency of alert email!

Who should use itemALARM?

  • Anyone who wants to see ebay auction items before anyone else does.
  • Professional purchasing agents who are interested in cost savings for their companies.    
  • Anyone who wants a particular item, but doesn’t want to sit in front of the computer searching ebay over and over again.
  • Those who buy and sell books, coins, auto parts, sports tickets, concert tickets, real estate, antiques, collectibles, tools, camera equipment, car parts, cell phones, clothes, computer equipment, computer hardware, crafts, designer clothes, fishing products, furniture, gaming accessories, hiking accessories, hunting products, medical equipment, military vehicles, music instruments and equipment, pet accessories, telephony equipment, test equipment, tractor parts, voip equipment, wedding gowns, etc etc

itemALARM is a great eBay tool if you buy and resell on eBay.

Our mission is to be the best single eBay purchasing tool you can use, incorporating searching, notifications, sniping, sale results histories for your favorite products, and more to come!

Why use itemALARM instead of eBay Saved Searches?

  • Unlimited itemALARM searches, eBay searches are limited.
  • Up to 100 itemALARM results per email, eBay gives you 12 results per email.
  • itemALARM email alerts as frequently as every 15 minutes, eBay alerts once a day.
  • itemALARM Advanced Search allows for multiple categories, eBay just one!

Another invaluable itemALARM tool:

  • itemALARM can build a history of the sales results of your favorite auction items so you can watch sales price trends over time. (Subscription service)
  • Benefit: When you see an item first and it is a buy-now in your price range, you can get it before the competition! If it is a regular auction, you still may be able to negotiate with the seller for a buy-now price and buy it before the competition even knew it was there! I love that!

itemALARM General features:

  • eBay alerts via email alerts
  • eBay automatic email notification
  • eBay buyer or purchasing tool